Christmas Idea List 2009

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Who's Shopping For Who?? 2009 Christmas List

  • Colleen is shopping for Katie and Phil
  • Tommy is shopping for Mary and Andrew
  • Phil is shopping for Katie and Colleen
  • Mary is shopping for Andrew and Tommy
  • Katie is shopping for Colleen and Phil
  • Andrew is shopping for Tommy and Mary

A few suggestions, if you are shopping online, use to price compare. Look on for good deals on stuff. usually has pretty competitive prices especially if you are spending over $25 because you usually get free shipping (shop by Wed. for it to make it in time)

Here is last year's list for thoughts and suggestions if you are making a new one Christmas Idea List 2008

Make your list using asterisks or pound signs, like the ones already on this page to make the list bulleted or numbered, if you edit this page to add your own.


Bed Bath & Beyond: Simplehuman Compact Dish Rack -$29.99

Bed Bath & Beyond: My Place Bed Desk -$29.99 AntiquityTile Wall Plagues can be found on page 51.E93-781 Set of Seven Tiles $49





These are in no particular order:

  • Infinite Possibilities
  • Off the Main Sequence
  • William Tenn Collection Vol. 2 (might not be a bad gift for Dad either, he took English from him)
  • This Wheel's On Fire by Levon Helm (Dad suggested I read it)
  • Games, like good board games or party games. Stuff like Scrabble, Risk, Catchphrase, anything like that maybe.
  • Ties
  • Dress shirts, probably could use some new white ones, other colors are okay too though.
  • a belt, black dress socks
  • dress shoes
  • Blade replacements for my razor
  • Blu-rays
    • The Last Waltz $10.49 last I checked at Amazon
    • North by Northwest (if you see a good deal on it)
    • anything else you think I'd like
  • More to come...





A purse

Black boots

A nice, warm jacket/outwear

A CHI hair straightner (I know they sell these at ULTA but i don't know if you have ULTA out west. you can probably find these online too)

Running Shoes

some of my fav stores are PACSUN, Victoria's Secret, and Target so feel free to look at these items at this store or if it's easier you can just get me a gift card. If you have any questions let me know. I usually wear Size 7 or 7.5 shoes. As for jackets it just depends usually a small or medium.

A few other little things are make-up, Nollie perfume orignial (green bottle), jewlery (necklaces/earrings)


  1. Ultra PRO900 Earphones
  2. Giftcard to Sears
  3. Money for Plane Ticket (to Seattle to see Kylie)
  4. Dearfoams Velour Boots (Sears)
  5. BR Make Up Kit # 682
  6. Irish Dance Accessories


  1. Pictionary Man
  2. Wii-a parent might be taking care of this
  3. headband
  4. Claire's gift card
  5. Justice Giftcard
  6. Slippers
  7. DSi
  8. Puppy
  9. Nintendogs (DS)
  10. Big Stuffed Animals
  11. Mario Cart (DS)
  12. Super Mario Brothers (DS)
  13. Hotel for Dogs- movie
  14. Monsters vs. Aliens (movie)
  15. Board Games
  16. Clothes
  17. Jewelry