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I established this page, not to seek handouts, but more because I often have trouble coming up with ideas for things I want on the spot when asked. This way, I can just refer people to what I have thought of in the past. These are in no particular order:

  • I already got Infinite Possibilities but any of the other similar Heinlein hardcover collections if you can get them new or used in good condition at a reasonable price.
  • Off the Main Sequence
  • William Tenn Collection Vol. 2 (might not be a bad gift for Dad either, he took English from him)
  • This Wheel's On Fire by Levon Helm (Dad suggested I read it)
  • Games, like good board games or party games.
  • Ties (I've had some attrition here, so cliche as it is, these would actually be great presents, easy to pack too)
  • Dress shirts, probably could use some new white ones, other colors are okay too though. 15 1/2 or 16 neck and 32/33.
  • Dress shoes, black probably black 8 1/2 is usually my size (might be good to get a gift receipt in case the size isn't quite right, sometimes 9 is better), also this summer I wished I had some sort of water shoes a few times.
  • Hand workout toy Cheaper made ones seem to die easily.
  • Blu-rays
    • The Last Waltz $10.49 last I checked at Amazon
    • North by Northwest
    • Groundhog Day
    • anything else you think I'd like
  • If you want to get a gift card or something, ones are probably most useful

Things for the house

This may be a list of just things to buy for me or gift ideas if I haven't gotten to them yet.

  • Rake
  • Lawnmower
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Soap dishes
  • Carbon Monoxide detectors
  • Fire extinguishers
  • More to come...