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This page contains bits and pieces of stuff that don't fit elsewhere.

Some of these may be incomplete thoughts, ramblings, and out of context statements. Take them for what you will at your own risk.


I'm tired of losing little pieces of original me. I think I'll keep them here.

Time is a wicked thing, it has neither pity nor malice.
A lion with a thorn in its paw, when it pains it roars.

The most essential part of public speaking is having something to say...or at least it ought to be.

Relationships & Communication

Definition: A relationship between two individuals is comprised of two elements: trust and communication.

Theory: The degree of mutually shared trust in a relationship defines the strength of the relationship.

The amount of trust one individual has for another determines the amount he or she will communicate with that individual.

Love is trust.

A relationship starts with a nominal and superficial degree of trust being placed in one individual by another, and communicated by the trusting party.

Trust implies risk. There is no trust which cannot be betrayed. Trust is an exercise of agency and cannot be exercised unless the party being trusted also has agency.

Trust is faith.

The can be no happiness without trust.

Trust is built or destroyed through communication

Communication includes words and actions. This includes non-verbal signals and interplay between individuals.

All communication tends to build or destroys trust.

Alphabet Code

a as in aesthetic

b as in bdellium

c as in chardonnay

e as in euchre

g as in gnaw, gnome, gnu

h as in honor, heir

k as in knife, knew

m as in mnemonic

p as in psycho, pnuematic, psalm, pseudonym, pteroydactyl, psoriasis

q as in quesadilla

s as in scene

w as in whole, write, wrinkle

x as in xylophone, xenophile

Antediluvian Priesthood

The Priesthood on the earth in early history was administered patriarchally. The LORD preserved the earth in the days of Noah as long as the wicked had righteous priesthood authority over them, despite the fact that they were ignoring or rebelling against it. Lamech died five year antediluvian and it can be inferred that other than Noah's family, all his additional children were wicked. Methusaleh, Noah's grandfather was the last antediluvian patriarch to pass on. Once he was gone, the only righteous patriach on the earth was Noah, and his sons followed him in righteousness. No priesthood authority had stewardship over the wicked. Is it a coincidence that when the last righteous priesthood holder with stewardship over the wicked passed away the flood came immediately thereafter?

Movement in G

It is just like calculus You simply pick where you want to go and slice the space between it and you in half again and again, when you've done it infinity and one times, you're here. And it is there instead. Just look in the mirror sometime, you'll see it.

But the principle of the thing isn't the hard part, that is child's play. It is the mechanics of it that is tricky. Don't ask me what goes on behind that door.

Psalm for Help

Strait is the gate and narrow the way.
Please, our Redeemer, don't let us stray.