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I'm also a big fan of singer-songwriters, which there are not enough of (becoming really well known at least) these days. I mean folks like Billy Joel (I was raised on his music), Bob Dylan--whose voice was an acquired taste for me despite the genius of his lyrics and musicianship. Bobby Darin, Johnny Cash the genre isn't important. It is the craftsmanship that went into the music and lyrics. The elegance of its connection with the human spirit, making you feel like this song belongs to you, it is what you would say if you only had the talent.

Today there aren't many like this around. I know I sound like some sort of arrogant music snob, but I swear I'm not. I appreciate a good mindless pop song full of hooks tied together with a random number generator and approved by some accountant in the RIAA as much as anyone. I can name a songs I like by Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera or even the Backstreet Boys. However, I APPRECIATE music that thought obviously went into, which is something quite different. Like the music of Five for Fighting.

Can you name any other great singer-songwriters today, the people who are master musicians but know how to write lyrics that go beyond situations to the fibre of life? If so, I'm always looking for more.

Then again, a song that is just fun to listen to is always good too.