Christmas Idea List 2008

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Who's Shopping For Who?? 2008 Christmas List

Tommy is shopping for Katie and Phil

Phil is shopping for Mary and Andrew

Mary is shopping for Katie and Colleen

Katie is shopping for Andrew and Tommy

Andrew is shopping for Colleen and Phil

Colleen is shopping for Tommy and Mary

A few suggestions, if you are shopping online, use to price compare. Look on for good deals on stuff. usually has pretty competitive prices especially if you are spending over $25 because you usually get free shipping (shop by Wed. for it to make it in time)


  • Jewelry, especially earrings - can come from Wal-mart , Target,- not a Jewelry store
  • Barnes & Noble Gift Card
  • Laptop ( I might as well start asking now) -besides Maggie and Patricia want a Video camera and a flipcam, -
  • Cool collage picture frames
  • bubble bath


  • Wallet
  • pants (size 40 waist),
  • channel lock which are special pliers

He can't think of anything else




  • NetFlix subscription
  • LED-lit Frisbee for night games. Nite Ize FlashFlight, Aerobie Skylighter, something like one of those
  • long-sleeved, collared shirts. M or (15 ½ 31-32)
  • Books: Black Hawk Down, Band of Brothers, Crytonomicon
  • Music: Eva Cassidy (any album but Songbird), Pink Martini
    • I recommend buying music if you do for me or anyone, off Amazon MP3, either by the song or the album it is often cheaper than iTunes and in a friendlier format.
  • Bike: Headlight, taillight


Just wanted to give you some ideas of things that would be useful to get me! :)

  • 27oz. Klean Kanteen with Sports Lid- Colors: Silver/Black Eclipse/or Ocean Blue($17.95-$19.95)

  • .75 Liter- The Better Bottle- Camelbak- Colors: Fire or Red ($13.00)

  • Lock & Lock 8-piece Cereal Bowl Set- Color: Cherry or Clear ($18.11)

  • Lock & Lock Set of 6 Storage Bowls- Color: Clear ($16.59)

  • Lock & Lock Appetizer Handy Container With Divided Tray- ($13.57)

  • Ipod Docking Station
  • Itunes Gift Card
  • Target Gift Card
  • Dark Wood Bookcase(s)

Happy Shopping! -Mary-


My wish list consists of:

  • A bathrobe
  • A pedicure
  • A massage
  • MAC makeup (eyeshadows, blushes, mascara)
  • A stereo that I can play my Iphone through - if that even exists
  • The Dark Night DVD
  • smaller luggage (my small luggage broke)
  • The Harry Potter series
  • ricecooker
  • slippers
  • gloves/scarves/beanies
  • A memory card for my camera
  • A bed frame -
  • Jewlery
  • A sewing box - with pins, and thread and scissors and stuff
  • Gummy bears, chocolate, etc.


  • socks
  • jeans 32-34
  • beard trimmer
  • gloves
  • beanie


  • Rain Boots (size 7: Target $15-30)
  • Scarf (Black/Gray: American Apparel $15)
  • Bike/Bike Lock (Bro. Bryant, $$$ or the Berrrymans)
  • Microsoft Office '08 for Mac (through VCU $84)
  • Barnes & Noble, Target, Kroger, itunes Gift Cards.
  • NetFlix Subscription $10
  • Rugs for my Bathroom, mainly a one for shower (grey/black)
  • Sarah Dessen books (that summer, someone like you, dreamland, this lullaby, lock and key)
  • Cool pictures/posters to hang on walls (bedroom, living room, bathroom)


  • Rainboots from Target (One Choice- page 4 1st one on row one-Colorful World Rainboots/Mulitcolor size 7M- $24.99
  • 2nd Choice - on Page 1 1st one on row 2- Fading Dots Wedge Rainboots-Pink/Black 7m $ 13.99,
  • Tent
  • Gummie Bears or Jolly Ranchers
  • Flipcam


  • video camera,
  • D.S.,
  • purpals D.S. cat game
  • Crayola glow station
  • crayola glow board
  • Baby Alive
  • Littlest Pet Shops
  • Barbies
  • Jewelery
  • Clothes